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hey guys! come comment to mai lj...im trying to go for 1,000 comments...comment anything...spam, for a community, anything! </p>



go go go go!!!



okay kiddies...

I got a post the other day from Jacob, which made me make come to my conclusion. About a week before he made the post I was working on getting some supplies and screenprinting some Duckiedroorings shirts! :] Would anyone be interested and if so do you have any suggestions and could you possibly tell me a few things about yourself. Will everyone please answer all the questions below:

1) What is your first name?

2) Age?

3) Location?

4) Shirt size?

5) Favorite color?

6) Favorite hobby?

7) Favorite artist(s)?

8) How did you find this community?

9) Are you mad at me for being gone so long?

10) Do you draw yourself? If so will you post your favorite drawing that you have made?

Please take that quick survey.

Hello to all the new members!! Welcome and spread the word! ;]
I'm very laid back, please post your work! I don't like feeling like everyone thinks I'm the only one allowed to post drawings.